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Higher Freequency Music Playlist Curator - Spotify Playlist Curator

Higher Freequency is building Playlists for conscious, awakened and spiritual music on Spotify. As a music lover and Spotify playlist curator who is always seeking new music to keep me moving on the right path, I decided to start Higher Freequency Playlists for others seeking the same. 

About Higher Freequency:

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I have been a music lover for many years. As a young kid, I was always put in charge of creating the mixed warmup tapes for our teams in High School. They were always on point and exactly what was needed to get the team and crowd going. 

In college, I went to Temple University for Audio Engineering and Communications. After college, I got tired of working until 3am in the studios waiting for bands to stop arguing - so I moved to martial arts where a lot of my initial awakening began. I still loved music and did some recording projects on the side, but loved the martial arts as an everyday thing.

However, I still continued to be a music fan all these years and found that I was picking hits BEFORE they were hits and I continue to do so. Family and friends would wonder how I was able to pick such good music before it was big. I really don't know the answer to this, but guess I was given a good ear for things people will like. I would have songs on my playlist for a long while before they would get big on a TV show or movie. 

I had always wondered if there was a job for a "hit picker" - but I am not a fan of working for the man, nor large commercial corporations owned my Black Rock or some other shady crew. I learned that being a music playlist curator is a new profession and the NEXT way that people will find new radio shows. Radio is dead, satellite radio will soon be dead as well- with a platform like Spotify who is taking over the music market, this new way for Disc Jockeys to start a career. Spotify Podcast plus Music Playlists will be the next best type of radio and people are moving the way quickly. Personally, I want to get in on the ground up and this the ground level right now!

I am now older and much wiser. After creating several successful businesses, I decided to do what I always wanted to do and get back into the music industry. Now is an exciting time for artists and music curators! This is new ground- and I want to get myself and artists who want to grow with this industry to become part of Higher Freequency. 

The Vision:

I envision this website to become a hub for New Conscious Music or music that is just not on the mainstream radio nor corrupted by the mainstream music industry. I envision a hub for news, artists, gifts and much more! The site will be directed to the conscious collective and awakened souls in this time. My plan is to grow this website to be the go-to site for truth and music. 

Part of this vision is also creating a Spotify Podcast plus Music. The Spotify Podcast will feature different breaks where we talk about the news, spirituality, the frequency matrix, new ideas, conspiracies, truths and whatever else we feel like our listeners will want. These breaks in music will feature artist reviews and comments in addition to our other content. I plan to bring in other TikTokers and Artists that want to share their stories and talents with the world. The podcast is currently being put together and I hope to launch the first episode in November/December 2023.