10/29/23 - Site is New and Presently Being Improved - Store will be up soon!

Spotify Playlist Curator - Conscious Music, Awakened and Spiritual Music

Submit Conscious Music to Higher Freequency - a new Spotify Playlist Curator. Higher Freequency is also looking for Awakened Music Artists and Spiritual Music Artists. Submitting your music is simple and you DO NOT need to be huge- as a matter of fact I am looking for artists to GROW with! 

I too am on a new journey into playlist curating and coming up with a website which is still evolving. Please join me on my new journey and know- it was divinely given inspiration to start this path and NOW is the time on the clock. Want to know more about Higher Freequency Playlist Curator? Learn More

Here are the steps to contacting us and what you should include:

  1. Send us an email at StayFree@higherfreequency.com
  2. Tell us a little about yourself. For example: When did you start making music? Why did you start? What is your favorite track? What are your fans favorite tracks? If you don't have many fans, that's ok too.
  3. Send us a link to your Spotify Profile / TikTok and other Social Media you may have.
  4. Follow Us on Spotify
  5. Like the Playlists we have on our profile that you wish to be added to.
  6. This is optional and only helps both you and I in the end... Share links to our Playlists and Profile on your social media to help both yourself and our Playlist grow. 

Once you e-mail us the above information we will Listen your Conscious Music or Awakened or Spiritual Music to be considers to be added to our Playlist. We may not add the songs you want, but we will add what we feel our audience will want to hear - which is still good marketing for you in the end. 


What happens after I email you my music links?

We will send you an email and listen to your music within 5 business days. If selected for our Playlist we will then send you an e-mail to let you know you have been added to our playlist.

There are not a lot of followers on your Profile or Playlists - Why?

Simply, I am new and have been called to start this- here I am. Together we can grow and build something new that our fellow humans need. Let's support each other.

What do I need to do after my song is accepted and added to a Higher Freequency Playlist of Spotify?

Share, share and share. The rule is marketing. As an independent artist sharing a playlist not only directs your followers to you, but also to your genre. Also, you get all of our marketing on top of it for your song on our Playlist, TikTok, other social media and future Podcast. Additionally, you will find other artists in your genre that you may like and want to collaborate with at some point! Those artists are also hopefully sharing the playlist as well- it is a win, win, win, win.... you get the point. As a collective we can succeed!

Can I submit new tracks to Higher Freequency Playlists as they come out?

Yes! Please do- we want to hear your new stuff. At that point however you will be on our release radar and we may already be listening to it. Once you are on our radar and on a playlist we will be watching to see how you grow and will have interest in helping you grow as we grow.

How can I get a review on your website?

Here it is straight- other bloggers and sites will take money to write an article. I will not do that, I pick who I want to write an article about in the end. However, you can improve your chances of me writing an article if you are in contact with me and are willing to maybe do some social media interviews, maybe a voice clip about your music, etc. Music Artists willing to be available to answer questions as I write my review is pretty essential to my vision of being a reviews website and possible music podcaster in the near future on Spotify.

What are my odds of being added to a playlist?

50/50 - its either what my audience will want or it is not. But, like I said I may select another song of yours to add to a playlist because it is what my audience will want.

How many artist submit to your website?

Right now- few - so your odds of being heard and being reviewed are pretty high because... I need content. That is the straight up fact. But I want GOOD content not just any content.

Please contact us with any other questions you may have at stayfree@higherfreequency.com