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That's right folks, we are going to be posting important things that are both on the news and NOT on the news. The world is a mess and powers that are running our government minions are keeping almost EVERYTHING secret!

We will do our best to post both popular articles and also those that we feel are being kept from the public, such as: weather control, pole shifts, secret space programs, secret agendas, corruptions, sacred knowledge, new life, earth and electro magnetic info, brazen acts of bravery NOT on the news... we could go on, but you get the point....

Featured News September and October 2024

September 28, 2023

Today we are going to feature our favorite New Reporters at this time...drum roll
please.... REDACTED NEWS is the winner! Natlie and Clayton Morris are on fire!!  If you love your freedom and free speech; and support independent journalism ...Read More



Magnetic North Pole Could Flip in March 2023 - Pole Shift - Magnetic Reversal

The magnetic pole is currently 71 miles from a specific point knows at the 40 degree marker. At a rate of 5 miles per month, that puts the magnetic pole position at the 40 degree mark by March of 2023! Then what?


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