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About Higher Freequency

Higher Freequency

Over many years our team had been in tune with all the changes and social injustice world wide.  Everything from the media to the music we listen to is full of lies and negative programming and frequencies.

What is our mission, well, that is ever-changing just like all the rest of life. Currently, we are working on t-shirts, accessories and other items to bring awareness, questions and straight facts.  Famous quotes that we all need to hear again; sacred geometry stolen from our math systems, Fake news, fake space, fake people, fake..... I could go on!

Enough is enough!  This is a call to anyone and everyone wanting to change the way things are.  

Team Up with Us!

Many awakened , not "woke", AWAKENED individuals are escaping or walking away from all types of relationships, jobs and circumstances that no longer serve them. We want to be a platform where artist of all kinds - painting, sculpture, music, jewelry- whatever you do that vibrates you to a Higher Frequency- we want to hear from you.

Contact Us

E-mail us:    StayFree@HigherFreequency.com

This is a new website- launched on September 1st, 2021 Officially- we will be adding contact numbers shortly, until then, please e-mail us.

We will get back to you about your questions ASAP.