Conspiracy Truths

Yes, Conspiracy is NO LONGER THEORY on many subjects and many things are being brought to light! There are so many conspiracies, that we will have to pick and choose which ones and when we write about them. But, we do always try to post both popular and unpopular conspiracies that can help connect the dots.

(not all theories are truth and not all the information is always completely accurate- we will do our best to post and keep it real with you about whether this is serious, or now)

Our Topic Include:

Earth and Space Conspiracy, UFOs and ETs, Sacred Knowledge and Research, Corruption in Our World: MSM and Government Games, Agendas, Bloodlines and More!

We are NOT saying we have the answers, or that anything we say is the absolute truth! BUT, we do seek and find information that can help you determine what is REALLY being hidden. ALWAYS do your own research to confirm your views in this day and age!

Featured Conspiracy:

What 'Lies' Beyond the Poles? North and South Pole Expeditions 1920-1950s -Flat Earth... Extended

Learn about the very highly kept information about the North and South Pole.

  • Why can't we fly over the North Pole?
  • Why can't anyone go into Antarctica?
  • Do we really go to 'space' or something else?

A book called Worlds Beyond the Poles was published in 1959 and was buried by those that wished to keep, not just Flat Earth a secret, but also the extended lands "out of bounds" that expand to know limit. Navy and Air force expeditions reconfirm this books information. 

This book was made over the course of 30 years AND reconfirmed as truth by the Navy and Air Force by 1959.  A few years later- we were headed to space??! Sounds like a distraction from the TRUTH that these military expeditions confirmed; and a distraction from Admiral Byrd, who stated on live Television that there are lands beyond the poles. 

That's right, back down the rabbit hole you go, Alice...

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