Song Review: Chosen (On A Path) by Aura Da Prophet

Aura Da Prophet, a Hip Hop artist out of Cincinnati, OH recently released his 5th album, With This Moment in January of 2022. We "chose" the song Chosen (On a Path) to review because it is the one that caught our ear and made us bounce from the start!

"Raise the vibration, No more time waiting"!

With a smart and smooth beat sure to make you move no matter what you are doing, this song gets ya from the get go!  We also want to point out the fun 80's style - 3 beat synth to accent that 'flashback' sound!

(Yes, bro- we love that little add on easter egg you put in there!)

Made for the Indigo, Light Worker, Star Seed, or whatever you are- This song brings new, old beats together with an empowering and awakened attitude. This jam SHOULD be on your playlist this year in 2023 and 2024! We like it so much that it made it on our New Playlist: The Light is Fierce and is #1 on our Higher Freequency Music 2023 Playlist!

This lyrical and beat perfect jam is sure to make you feel like you want to walk around with an empowered strut and an enlightened attitude (crazy combo, right?).

The lyrics of this song are very well put together as Aura "immortalize(s) every line" and empowers this current generation and future generations to come.

For those that "Aquire forbidden knowledge with the heart of lions" - This song is for YOU!

Song Preview:


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