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Redacted News: Why We Love Natali and Clayton Morris and Their Team

Natali and Clayton Morris of Redacted News are on Fire! This husband and wife team - along with their awesome crew are honoring our Freedom of Speech with every Live they rock out! You can watch these guys every Monday through Thursday at 4pm EST on Youtube. (links are below)

I came across Redacted New on Youtube about a month ago and have been watching their show almost everyday. Here are our quick reasons why we love Redacted News:Natali and Clayton Morris of Redacted News

  • Asking the big questions and seeking the truth (as best they can)!
  • Their reports are no B.S. and they are not afraid to say what needs to be said.
  • The team supports many independent journalists and feature them on their YouTube and rumble platforms.
  • They have a great sense of humor and it truly down to earth tone to all reports.
  • They are personal and share their lives with the audience as they are highly censored and open about the struggles and hardships of overcoming this censorship.
  • Gratitude- they thank their audience and recognize them in every single video.
  • This team reads the comments and care about what you have to say, and often respond to what the public has to say.
  • They are also helping to spread awareness of authors and other products that may be helpful in these crazy times. (they gotta make money somehow)

Clayton has been in Mainstream Media in the past, but he and his wife have since dedicated themselves to this task. Looking at their website- it seems newer and appears very simple. These guys are journalists and news reporters, not web designers so be gracious. I literally just signed up for their newsletter and looking forward to making this part of my morning routine.

Those are just a few reasons I got hooked on their news reports.  I can't wait to hear what they are reporting on.  I feel it important we all stay together in the movement for exposing the truth, but please know that I have no affiliation with them and am getting nothing in return from them on this article- I just feel good work for the good of humanity should be recognized. Thank you Natali and Clayton for your hard work- and the team of course!

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