What 'Lies' Beyond the Poles? - North and South Pole Expeditions - Flat Earth

What is past the North and South Poles?

Picture from NORB Theory
Flat Earth is on the rise, for good reason. There are many proofs that can be provided now, and some very fine work done by groups like FECORE and some very good documentaries and experiments that have shown the the Earth and her mysteries are still, yet to be solved. The evidence also shows Earth is NOT what 'they' say it is.
No...NASA, our military and our world governments would never LIE!! right??!! There is much debate on this topic now-a-days, and I have come across some information that could maybe EXTEND your point of view much further. The physical continuity of the universe is flat earth, expanded to all "lands" and "planets" about. Are they going to Mars or to Extra-terrestrial lands...lands of the earth, just not in our realm / dimension- whatever you call it.
Let's take Theory and Fact to combine them into a visual to help you understand that we may be living in something more... an extended earth plain ; or Continual Universal Plain.

Facts You Already Know About Flat Earth:

  • Water is always level, hence the word "sea level
  • To this day there is still no way to measure that the earth is spinning from earth.
  • The sun and moon rotate in their divinely placed orbits over and around us, not the opposite way around.
  • There is a barrier; or dome over us and/or around us in some way - 'They" call them the Van Allen Belts
  • Aviation pilots know it is flat, however it is unspoken amongst them...until now.
  • Rockets do NOT got to space...

....and this is where we take you Further into the unknown...or rather buried information of our Extended Earth; Extra-terrestrial Lands; and what "Outer Space" Means! Get ready, here we go!

 Worlds Beyond the North and South Pole Ends of the Earth

That's right! Not only is it flat or some kind of flat shape, whether a disc or some other form, there is more land past our "barrier"; or firmament; or Van Allen Belts (as NASA likes to say). This is why, rockets make no sense to us when you watch them, they are not going anywhere! You want to go to "Outer Space"? You go straight North or Straight South. Don't believe me, let's take a look a book that has been buried so deep in time and history that even the writer expressed how his work was being muffled from that start.... and still is today...until NOW!

Worlds Beyond the Poles by F. Amadeo Giannini

Written over the course of many years, this book explains that there were U.S. Navy Expeditions in the 1920s through the late 1950's that went into other lands beyond the North and South Pole points. (This is not talking about going over the Pole to the other side on a sphere.) This book also discusses the corruption and how Operations "halted" and so did the printing of his book. It discusses how "Space" became the new term and push on the public; and the "space Race" was on!

It proves something more than a flat earth through the theories that were proven FACT  by U.S. Navy expeditions in that time. We may go further into this topic, but for now, let me show you some facts that you may NOT know about our earth and continuous Earth plain.

Worlds Beyond the Poles States:

  • "the U.S. Naval Research Bureau and the U.S. Navy’s exploratory forces have conclusively confirmed the work’s principal features."
  • "Since December 12, 1928, U.S. Navy polar expeditions have determined the existence of indeterminable land extent beyond both Pole points, out of bounds of the assumed “isolated globe” Earth as postulated by the Copernican Theory of 1543."
  • "On January 13, 1956, as this book was being prepared, a U.S. Naval air unit penetrated to the extent of 2,300 miles beyond the assumed South Pole end of the Earth. That flight was always over land and water and ice. For very substantial reasons, the memorable flight received negligible [very little] press notice."

Why can't we fly over the North Pole?

According to this book Worlds Beyond the Poles: 'Earth cannot be circumnavigated north and south within the meaning of 'circumnavigate.' However, certain 'around the world' flights have contributed to popular misconception that the Earth has been circumnavigated north and south."

'Over the North Pole,' with return to North Temperate Zone areas without turning around, can never be accomplished, because there is no Norther end to the Earth.'

Why can't anyone go to Antarctica?

No one is allowed to just go explore Antarctica or go past a certain point. Ever wonder why? This book continues to explain: "The same conditions hold true for the South Pole. All progressive movement beyond the respective Pole points leads beyond the assumed 'ends' of an 'isolated globe' Earth. And that area beyond constitutes a land connection with the celestial."

Do we really go to space? or something else?

Apparently, NO, we are not going to space! This book continues to state some facts about Admiral Byrd's flight: "The admiral’s airplane pursued a course on the horizontal from the North Pole point to a point 1,700 miles beyond the Earth. Then the course was retraced to the Arctic base. At no time did he “shoot up,” or out, from the Earth level. As progress was made beyond the Pole point, there was observed directly under the plane’s course iceless land and lakes, and mountains where foliage was abundant. Moreover, a brief newspaper account of the flight held that a member of the admiral’s crew had observed a monstrous greenish-hued animal moving through the underbrush of that land beyond the Pole."

What does this Book have to say about 'space'?

"That connecting land, though appearing “up” or out from terrestrial points other than the Poles, is attainable by movement straight ahead from the imaginary Pole points."

Other key highlights of Worlds Beyond the Poles:

  • "... the United States, Russia, Argentina, and other nations have bases on that realistic land extent which is beyond the Earth. It is not space, as theory dictated; it is land and water of the same order that comprise known Earth territory."
  • "This work provides the first account of why it is unnecessary to attempt “shooting up,” or out, from the terrestrial level for journey to any of the astronomically named celestial land areas. It relates why such attempt would be futile."
  • "The book is therefore unparalleled in the long history of man’s attempted interpretation and recording of the universe about us. It projects man’s first understanding of the factual and endless Universe which contains human life throughout its vast length and width – regardless of all abstract theory to the contrary."
  • This book is tough to read when it comes to the first chapters of angles and shapes. Skip that part if you don't get it. You WILL understand what is happening and the how this book and the information from those Expeditions and studies have been twisted and turned to keep you hidden from the possible truth! 

    Do your own research, Comment and let us know your thoughts!

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