Best Conspiracy Theory Gifts 2023 - Conspiracy Theory Shirts, Games, Coloring Books and More

The best conspiracy theory gifts in 2023 have GOT to be good! Choosing a gift for your friend or family member who is a conspiracy theorist should be REALY FUN this year! You can laugh all you want at your pal about their crazy conspiracies- but, as we all know the "I need new conspiracy theories because my old ones came true" t-shirt has been one of the leading shirts sold... because it is true!  With that said, here is our list of the Best conspiracy theory gifts in 2023!


#1 - Conspiracy Theorists vs. "Experts"Conspiracy Theorists vs experts shirtShirt

This shirt is really funny in our book. Definitely a shirt any truth seeker and conspiracy lover would enjoy having as a part of their wardrobe.

#2 - Conspiracy Shirt - Higher FreequencyConspiracy T-shirt - Higher Freequency

This shirt is full of your favorite conspiracies! Chemtrails, Masks, Vaccines, Fake News and more! This shirt features a famous quote from Reagan from his speech a time for choosing.



#3 - I Need New Conspiracies ShirtI need new conspiracy theories shirt

This shirt is becoming very true amongst the truthers out there. This shirt is sure to get a laugh and a nod of approval from your favorite conspiracy theorist friend. It states "I need new conspiracy theories because my old ones came true"


#4 - I Identify as a Conspiracy Theorist Shirti identify as a conspiracy theorist shirt

This shirt is sure to raise some eyebrows - but it has become the truth! This shirt states: "I identify as a conspiracy theorist my pronouns are Told / Your / So"



#5 - Fake Moon Landing ShirtFake Moon Landing Shirt

One of our favorite moon landing shirts. This fake moon landing shirt says it all! Featuring a Polaroid style picture with an "astro-not" and our flag on the moon. It reads "Nevada 1969". If you know... you know.



#6 - Rabbit Hole Green Vortex Shirtrabbit hole shirt green vortex

Looking for something simple but that others on the same path will understand and get? This shirt simplifies the journey down the rabbit hole ... follow the white rabbit.


Conspiracy Games and Fun Gifts

#1 - Conspiracy Theory Fridge Conspiracy Theory Magnet SetMagnet Set

ETs, Big Foot, Chemtrails and more! This magnet set for the refrigerator for conspiracy theorists is sure to be a hit with your favorite truth seeker!



#2 - Conspiracy Theories AdultConspiracy Theory Coloring Book Coloring Book

Roswell, Timetravel, Titanic and 40 pages of conspiracy coloring exctasy! This conspiracy coloring book with be sure to make your truther friends super jello!


#3 - 

Conspiracy Mugs, Tumblers and More

#1 - "I'm not a conspiracy theorist I'm not a conspiracy theorist just well informed mugI am just well informed" Mug

This mug says what it needs to. This is perfect for sipping coffee at the office or at home without saying word! Everyone will know this mug and it is sure to get attention. 

10/20/23: This article is ongoing - we will be adding more to this list over the next week.