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Higher Freequency Music

Higher Freequency Playlists on Spotify feature music from different artists on a higher frequency for humanity. Playlists feature Music for the Awakened, Conscious Music and Conscious Hip Hop / Rap, Ambient Chill Vibes, Alan Watts Clips and more! Don't forget to Follow and Like our Playlist to get Updates!

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We want you to have a say! Are you an artist?... or listen to someone who Should be heard? - but can't due to the crazy, soul snatching hoops they have to jump through?

Comment on our playlist posts and give us your additions or comments. 

Email us at: Stayfree@higherfreequency.com

More Playlists by Higher Freequency:

Conscious Chill Hip Hop Vibes

Chill Conscious Hip Hop vibes to jam to!  Aura Da Prophet, Burgettii, Satsang, Truthseekah, 4biddenknowledge, Illuminati Congo, Garrett Zoukis, Trevor Hall,  Know Self

The Light Is Fierce

Upbeat and Fierce Beats that bring truth to light. These artist hold nothing back when it comes to exposing the darkness. The Light IS Fierce! Featuring: Young Aeon, Revel Kalell, Danegurous, Spirit of Truth, Beast 1333, Pleiiiades, Ren3gade, Minnesota, Aura Da Prophet and more

Down the Rabbit Hole

Bye Alice - Down the Rabbit Hole you go! This is an awesome mixed playlist for the Patriot, Truther and Conspiracy Theorist! Featuring: Loc Saint, FR33SOL, Icon Okee, Tom MacDonald, Tyson James, Danegurous, Struggle Jennings, Reve Kalell, O.D.D. TV and more

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Featured Music and Artists:

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