Magnetic North Pole Could Flip in March 2023 - Pole Shift - Magnetic Reversal

If you are not aware there are two North Poles.

  • True North (located on a map)
  • Magnetic North (the magnetic North force that a compass points to)

January 2022 Pole PositionThe Magnetic North Pole moves and bounces around, however it has been making its way to this magnetic anomaly located in Russia. The Magnetic Pole started moving back in the 1800s, but always seemed to move and then bounce back and repeat.  However, over the last 11 years, the magnetic pole has been moving very fast and is currently moving a rate of 5.25 miles ever 30 days!

According to experts, past Pole Reversals happened every 12,000 years.  However, experts say that a full reversal has not taken place for 36,000 years! Talk about overdue.

It is currently 71 miles from a specific point knows at the 40 degree marker. At a rate of 5 miles per month, that puts the magnetic pole position at the 40 degree mark by March of 2023!

What happens to the Poles at the 40 degree mark?

Well, like any two magnets that attract to one another, a stronger magnet can make another flip completely. Based on what I have researched, that 40 degree marker is where the pull becomes so strong that it can cause a reversal, or some kind of permanent shift; or could flip the North and South magnetic or electromagnetic grid.

We do know that the electromagnetic field that protects life on earth (whether the earth is a sphere or a flat plane) is weakening as this Pole moves toward this anomaly in Russia. During the reversal the electromagnetic grid will be affected. The weather could change, atmosphere may change, even if temporarily; some say there will be something else completely, but let's get into this further.

How can this Pole Reversal or Shift change things?


Will you live in tropical weather if you live in the North East of the USA? I have no idea! However, some reports say that we are to go into the opposite; and experience an arctic freeze like many earth cycles in the past. Other theories are that a Great Solar Flash could take place; some say it will be the end; and others, like NASA say, "Though they sound scary, pole flips can take a long time to occur and pose no immediate threat."

If NASA says, "everything is fine"... it is fine...right...right?

In my experience and research, I have found coverup after coverup when it comes to NASA or any space program. One thing I CAN agree with NASA on is that this can change our weather patterns.

Our weather patterns have been changing for years and strange weather patterns have been increasing as time goes on; more earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes and more have been on the uptick across the board! Are these related? Yes, common sense would tell you they are; but common sense seems to be missing in our sciences these days.

Schumann Resonance

Additionally, changes in the Schumann Resonance could greatly affect humans as a whole! Why? Well studies show that this frequency that the earth emits is connected to the human body, like a life force. It is true! The frequency or natural earth heartbeat is at about 7.8 Hz. When the human being lacks this frequency of 7.8 Hz, it can become ill both physically and mentally.  Say Whaaaaat??!  

That's right, you cannot live without this Schumann Resonance and the Earth's frequency, at least not for long and not in a healthy way. Since, the earth and the human body are connected, it would make sense that the body will be affected by this pole reversal since the Schumann Resonance is measured based on the atmospheric electromagnetic resonance. If the frequency of the atmosphere is changed, it will have affects on humans in some way. 

You are vibrating particles, everything you see is frequency; just vibrating at different rates. Changes in earths Frequency will affect the human body, but will it affect it in a negative or positive way? That has yet to be determined, seen, experienced and recorded for future generations. Until then, we wait and hope that someone will come up with some more answers.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts on all this...

There is no way our changes in weather; the uptick in natural disaster; the desire for populations control and the FACT that the Pole Reversal is not even on the News are completely unrelated. The push to convince people that "Global Warming" will be our demise is, at this point, BOLOGNI!

The FACTS are this:

  • Main stream news has not reported on this at all!
  • NASA is basically reporting there is "nothing to see here."
  • No one at any of the Observatories are reporting on this either but ONE! Maverick Star Observatory
  • This has not happened for 36,000 years! An epic moment for humans on Earth and NO ONE even knows!
  • The changes in the poles will affect the electromagnetic grid, the Schumann resonance and all life forms in some way.

For Fun, here are some THEORIES of what may happen:

  • The Great Solar Flash a.k.a The Event
  • Complete chaos and catastrophe
  • Reversal of the weather patterns
  • The sun will rise in the west and set in the east
  • Complete ice age
  • 3 days of darkness will commence
  • The veil will be lifted to all spiritual realms and dimensions
  • Additional lands and realms outside of our knowledge will be unlocked
  • There will be two suns in our sky, the current one and one from the central sun (inner earth)
  • The Return of Jesus (Jeshua), the end of all lies and the beginning of truth; Revelation
  • Some will unlock powers they never knew they had such as telepathy, healing and psychic abilities.



  • i.have transportation of the house of senate act . I only was 100 pages into the act s and tipping point pr I grams ya they are ditching us big time . Leaving us all to die this is the end for us this will haprnd before Sept 30 .2024 that’s at least the end of the space peace and any other programs and noas ark in space basically talks about initys and humans getting along the space station will be abandon and so when space ships retire than space station become observatory for oceanic atmosphere science and climate change etcetera its at the bottom of nasal page they are sending up a space craft every single day

    Deda Carter
  • Has anyone ever seen the video made in the ISS where the wingnut is spun off of the bolt? it spins freely weightless and then suddenly flips over for no reason and keeps flipping back and forth over and over. Think of Earth as that wingnut.

    Chris Nordling
  • God is flipping the poles because it is nessisary for us to achieve 5d. Well it’s not God personally AA MICHAEL and some other cat . It will be done slowly. No one should be hurt there is a video on youtube

  • where is the web site called MAGNETIC POLE SHIFT ENCYCLOPEDIA? I’ve got a bit of information from it; looking for more.

    Mike Montgomery
  • Excuse the glitch; I typed; be sure to visit the Maverick Star Observatory if you don’t trust NASA.


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