Universal Disclosure: Creation of Earth, Life and the Pole Shifts / Resets

What is earth? What is life? How did this all happen? Where did we come from? What is the reset or pole shift and why does it happen?

These are all the questions that someone tends to question after some years on earth. Those that do begin to question things begin to realize that our reality is not what it seems. The theories are everywhere regarding earth, life and creation... from a globe; to a flat plain; to an extended plain; to concave ... or maybe we only live on a small portion of something bigger?

Why can't we go to the actual North Pole (Magnetic Pole)? And, did you know that no one has ever been to the source location for the Southern Lights? Why?

Maybe this can answer some of these things for you- or help you to fill in some things / connect the dots on your own research!

The Norb Theory - Universal Disclosure is a video that may not have all the answers and my not have it all right, but there is truth in everything.  The reason we are featuring this particular video is because it also discusses the pole shift and some other things that back of prophecies. Are the timelines right? I don't know, but still something to think about for sure!

Not only does this theory present the shape of the earth or possibilities of the reality in our physical world, but it also explains the root races and where they all came from; the epochs of time that the Mayans calculated as well as others in history. Additionally, this covers the Pole Shifts or Resets that have happened in the past.

Is this your answer to what is happing during the electromagnetic pole shift?

As you know we, at Higher Freequency, follow the pole shift and are well aware that this is not on the news. Why? Well if you were to look into prophecies you would find that this is considered the end of times. Maybe not the end of life, but the end of the current times. This is most likely why it is not announced on any news channels. However, the shift IS happening and the Pole Shift is real - even NASA admits it is happening- so for all you naysayers our there the NEED NASA to tell you - Yes, there is an announcement from NASA about, but of course is not mass published. And, those that follow us, you know why. 

The only thing in this that I do not feel they got right was the 2020 Event - Which I think is still yet to come, however they anticipated it in 2020. OR, this has already come which is what has caused such a huge Awakening Frequency across the world! We don't know anything for sure, but we are excited to hear your comments.

I highly recommend watching this, giving us your comments and thoughts. Remember the Truth is in plain sight, but also scattered amongst the whole. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

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