How Awakened Exchange Works

Awakened Exchange is a hub for small businesses with online products, artists, musicians, craftsmen and women, authors and more! Let's make a deal that best works with you and your business needs. We know that each startup or even fully successful business has a unique budget or capability and sometimes it is not much to work with. We created the exchange to open the doors for others to have content and links back to your website. 

What's the exchange? Great question- the exchange is an agreed upon barter or trade for services, blog post, link, whatever you want to work out. As a small business owner of several companies, it is time we support each other and do what we can for a fair exchange.

What types of exchanges can be discussed? Here are some examples of exchanges:

An affiliate link to your products that tracks the sales you get from our website (you must provide the link) in exchange for a blog post about your book, album, website, etc.

Free product in exchange for review and blog post (depends on the product)

Trade of links and information / cross promotion

This is just the tip of the iceberg! - We KNOW it can cost an arm and a leg just to get on a blog or to get a review. It is time to start trusting and helping each other do what we do best! Contact us and let's talk about what your goals and how we can help you achieve them through an exchange.

Know that we are very honest and open people - if the product or site does not vibe at all with our company- we will let you know straight up.

Ready to Make an Exchange?

Contact us via E-mail at: Please tell us about what you want to promote or exchange; be sure to include any links. Be sure to leave your name and phone number in the email. We do not do any exchanges without a conversation with our team.