Music Playlists

  • The Light is Fierce - Music the Soldier of Light

    Let's Go! This playlist is made of music for the awakened light workers that are balanced, but fierce if crossed. These vibes are perfect for pumping you up at the gym, in the car, while cleaning... basically, anywhere!

    Featuring: IAMAEON, Aura Da Prophet, Spirit of Truth, Reve Kalell, Truthseekah, Danegurous, Tom MacDonald, Beast 1333, Pleiiiades, Ren3gade, Minnesota, Lost Children of Babylon and more.

  • Conscious Chill Hip-Hop Playlist for 2022

    We put together an awesome playlist for those that are looking for chill style hip-hop music with a conscious vibe

    Featured: Aura Da Prophet, Truthseekah, Burgetti, Illuminati Congo, Garrett Zoukis, IAMAEON, Know Self, Danegurous and others!